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Zheng Chuyang


My name is Chuyang, following the Chinese naming convention, it comes after my surname Zheng. If you'd like, I'd be happy for you to call me by any of the following names, which are different renditions of my name in various languages.

I studied Computer Science and Design in college. Currently, I work in type design, specifically designing Hanzi/Kanji/Hanja fonts for Chinese, Japanese and Korean. I co-founded Mallikātype, a font company, with some friends. In my personal life, I enjoy learning languages (although I don't have much practical application, I am interested in etymology and writing systems), as well as some interests in literature, history, and philosophy, particularly Kant and Mahāyāna.

In addition, I am a basketball fan of over years. If I ever have the chance to coach an amateur basketball team game, it could also be considered one of my life goals.